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How can I register my team?

You can register your team in the following link, provided by OWQLO, the official app of the Orlegi Cup. Until April 25th, only pre-registration will be open online. Follow the link to pre-register your team and get ready to download the app.  

Our safe digital platform will provide fans, players, coaches, families and partners with the best possible experience. During the tournament, news, live coverage, full team rosters and standings will also be available there. 

How many matches are guaranteed?

3 matches are guaranteed for all participating.

What is the competition model?

There will be different categories based on age, with the following specifications:


U8 - 2015; U9 - 2014; U10 - 2013


U11 - 2012; U12 - 2011


U13 - 2010; U14 - 2009; U15 - 2008; U16 - 2007; U17 - 2006; U19 - 2004/2005 

Where can I see the schedule of games and follow the tournament?

Games will be held starting the evening of Friday, Aug 2022 for the Supergroup category. Most of the teams will play on Saturday and Sunday, for any travel arrangement you want to make. The full calendar of games will be available 3 weeks before the tournament starts via the website and the official app OWQLO.

What are the rules of the tournament?

The tournament will follow the standard rules of South California soccer organizations and governing bodies. You can check the complete rules here (link to come shortly).

The Orlegi Cup - SoCal 2022 is a CalSouth sanctioned tournament. For more information, you can contact us here.

How is the check-in process for my team?

To expedite the check-in process, the night of Friday Aug 19th we will host an inaugural event where you will be able to check-in your team and network with other peers. Location and time will be announced shortly.

What are the awards of the tournament?

A full list of awards will be published on the website in the upcoming weeks.

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